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Vilnius 700

The vinyl cover, a heartfelt gift from Kaunas city municipality to Vilnius on its 700th birthday, is a visual ode to the friendship of these two cities. The artwork features a collage of iconic landmarks from both Kaunas and Vilnius, blended to create a sense of dialogue between the two cities.

The design conveys a sense of unity and shared heritage, symbolizing a continuous, almost conversational exchange between Kaunas and Vilnius.

The song inside the vinyl is by Baltasis Kiras.

Kaunas In – Map of Kaunas cover

The cover of the Kaunastic tourism information map is a vibrant and engaging artwork that captures the essence of Kaunas’ rich history and contemporary charm. It includes city’s iconic landmarks: the elegant interwar Post Office, symbolizing the architectural innovation of the era; the majestic Resurrection Church, standing tall with its modernist facade; and the newly built Darius and Girenas Stadium, a nod to the city’s thriving sporting culture. Bridging these historical and modern elements are whimsical representations of local urban art – the playful pink elephant, a symbol of joy and creativity, and the graffiti cat, embodying the city’s artistic street culture. Intertwined with these elements is Kaunas’ mythical beast, a creature from local folklore, adding a touch of mystery and tradition to the map’s cover. This composition not only guides visitors through the physical landmarks of the city but also takes them on a journey through its cultural and mythical landscapes.

Kaunas Pilnas Kultūros cover – April 2022

The April 2022 cover of ‘Kaunas Pilnas Kultūros’ magazine encapsulates the intricate and complex relationship between Kaunas and Vilnius. Central to this theme is the portrayal of a complex, love-hate dynamic between these two prominent Lithuanian cities. The cover features rendered cityscapes of Kaunas and Vilnius, each represented by their distinctive architectural landmarks. Between these two cityscapes, there is a striking visual element: a gaping hole, symbolizing the emotional and historical divides that have characterized their relationship over the years. However, bridging this divide are multiple telephone cables, stretching across the gap. These cables represent the enduring connections, communications, and shared histories that continue to link the cities and their people, despite tensions and differences. This cover is not just a depiction of two cities; it’s a nuanced representation of their intertwined narratives, reflecting a relationship that is as complex as it is historic.

The Mood – Anuga 2024

In this illustration, the Mood stand at the Anuga 2024 trade fair is artistically nestled among lush fields of coffee and tea plants. The vibrant greenery of these plants form a natural tapestry that intertwines with the cultural essence of Kaunas and Munich.

This unique setting not only highlights the global nature of the trade fair but also pays homage to the heritage and architectural marvels of these European cities, all while celebrating the world of coffee and tea.


Rieves Collaboration – A Personal Highlight. RIEVĖS, a dynamic non-profit event and project series, adapts and transforms with each season. Collaborating with this group was an enjoyable experience, where I created a variety of visualizations. The artwork I developed is closely tied to the event’s themes, blending elements of vaporwave and commentary on capitalism, mirroring the music’s essence.

Kika – 32nd Company Anniversary present

A Commemorative Illustration for Kika’s 32nd Company Anniversary. This artwork, presented as a gift to the founder and CEO of Kika from the employees, melds elements of the company’s past and future. At its heart is a cutout from a vintage photo of a silver poodle, the namesake of the company, set against a backdrop of scenes from Kaunas, where the company’s journey began. Bridging from these roots, the illustration features a symbolic bridge reaching out to new horizons, represented by the skylines of Florida and New York, marking the company’s recent expansion into these dynamic markets.

Kaunas National Puppet theatre

Backdrop Design for ‘Aš – žvėris’ at Kaunas National Puppet Theatre. This backdrop visually narrates the main character’s journey from the Šilainiai suburb to the bustling city of Kaunas, symbolizing the transition and the evolving storyline of the play.

Naktinis bėgimas Kaune

Poster for Kaunas City Night Run 2023. This design project showcases the scenic beauty of Azuolynas Park at night, capturing the spirit of the nocturnal running event in Kaunas.


My Inaugural Commissioned Artwork: A Tribute to Eneba. I am deeply thankful to Eneba for giving me the opportunity to craft a unique, game-inspired visualization of their office. Reflecting their core business of selling computer games, I infused the artwork with a vaporwave aesthetic, incorporating old-school Game Boy imagery and a point-of-view reminiscent of classic video games, perfectly aligning with their vibe and theme. Even though and especially because the office has since moved to another location, this illustration now is perfectly nostalgic.

Kaunas LEZ

Kaunas LEZ Illustrations: Capturing the Growth of Kaunas Free Economic Zone. These artworks were created to visually represent the expansion and development of the Kaunas Free Economic Zone, showcasing its dynamic progress and potential.


I’ve participated in two modest exhibitions, which were insightful experiences. As of now, I do not plan to arrange any exhibitions, but maybe some day in the future.

A plan of exhibition that never came to fruition:

You can also find my illustrations in places like Mudai, Paliava and Workland

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